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our mission

We believe the best path forward in preserving our precious coral reefs for future generations to experience, while improving the quality of life of all that calls the reef home, is through education and restoration.  The balance of actions and words creates effective results in every aspect of this global imperative, the revitalization of the worlds remaining coral reefs.

Eduction of young and old, native and visitor ensures that all who swim amongst one of the islands most precious treasures is aware of the direct and indirect impacts of the choices we make.  Never any shame in upping the game of community awareness.  Awareness is the first step in preservation and cultivation is the next.  On land or in protected bays, the propagating of tolerant corals is a vital element in preserving what can be for the earths changes to come.  Our mission is to succeed at both.  

The answers are known and have been for some time.  The silver lining to the global shutdown was witnessing on a global scale, the resiliency of nature when humans vanish and the incredible pace at the recovery of life across the reefs.  Before it was anecdotal, now we have all seen the truth and it is up to each of us to rise to the challenge of preserving this vital eco system.

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